MNET Indonesia

We are

an internet service provider since 2005, catering reliability as well as broadband connection to the enterprise and government institutions. Mnet’s reputation for flexibility in delivering reliable solution packages has garnered a solid customer base, returning year after year despite the ultra competitive nature of the market. Such loyalty proves that our commitment to quality and comprehensive system management are factors worth more than empirical values such as bandwidth and pricing.

We Care

that you get your questions answered by a human being. Each question we are as unique as the people that voiced them, and deserves the kind of attention only human interaction can give. From sales representative to technical support, we’re here to keep you connected and hassle free. Anywhere at anytime, because we are care.

We monitor

your connection’s health but not your privacy, With that in mind, regular site visit is scheduled on a weekly basis to each customer.
It allows us to collect a consistent network health data, but more importantly a way of keeping open an avenue of communication with you, our customers.

We maintain

our equipment with meticulous care because prevention is better than cure. We believe this adage to be true when it comes to equipments as well as customers’ loyalty.
And to keep them in peak efficiency, we have regimented system checks, hardware testing, personnel trainings and pre-fail equipments to be replaced, rather than waiting for them to break down while hoping its not during a critical time for your business.